IMEI Blacklisting

What is the GSMA Black List?

In a growing number of countries, operators encourage consumers to get in touch to report a mobile phone when lost or stolen.  The operator uses the device’s unique identity number, today it is the International Mobile Equipment Identity known as the IMEI to flag the device.  The operator blacklists the device and can then choose to block the device from their mobile network.

To stop criminals benefitting, the GSMA enable all local blacklists to be uploaded through the GSMA IMEI Database, our central platform delivering a range of device services, to enable participating operators to exchange their local IMEI data, thus facilitating the blacklisting and blocking of devices across multiple networks, both nationally and internationally.

It is important that this information is shared timely and efficiently to deter mobile crime around the world. The data can be shared with approved partners, including retailers, insurers, recyclers and law enforcement agencies.


  • Join a device prevention ecosystem to deter criminals from targeting your devices
  • Flexible reporting helps alert others quickly making it more difficult for criminals to resell stolen devices and helps remove identifiers of found devices in a timely manner
  • Gives you complete control of your records as the organisation adding the device identifier can remove the device entry
  • Your organisation’s name is included when reporting to our Black List to help commercial and law enforcement users return your devices if found
  • Blacklisted devices can be blocked on operator networks making devices less valuable which discourages criminals from targeting your devices
  • Reported devices are queried by GSMA Device Check™ helping to prevent your stolen devices from being sold on as legitimate stock
About the GSMA IMEI Database

The GSMA allocates official IMEI number ranges to all manufacturers of 3GPP compliant devices and records these ranges and device model information in the GSMA IMEI Db. The information recorded includes the manufacturer and model name of the device and its main network capabilities (e.g. frequency bands, radio interfaces and device types).