TAC Allocation

TAC can only be allocated by the GSMA through their appointed reporting bodies.

Device brand owners and manufacturers need the Type Allocation Code (TAC) to create the first 8 digits of the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), the number that identifies each unique mobile device on all gsm networks. There are important rules that govern TAC allocation which can be found at the GSMA IMEI Database.

The TAC and IMEI are also the references operators use to block stolen devices from accessing networks. Today it is not just phone theft that needs to be tackled but also subscription fraud, insurance fraud, smuggling and the production of counterfeit phones which have a negative impact on consumers who risk lower quality, safety, security, and environmental health and privacy assurances. Governments are effected as they forego tax and duties and must contend with increased crime, whilst the trademarks and brands of industry players are harmed.

GSMA believes multi-stakeholder collaboration is vital to help combat these issues starting with operators blocking devices with invalid IMEI using the GSMA’s global TAC list of all legitimate device identity number ranges. Find out more about the GSMA IMEI Database.