GSMA Network Settings Exchange

Network settings — time to take control

Would you like to give your subscribers a better experience? Where your services run as smoothly as possible. So there are less complaints and less of the cost that comes with them?

That’s why the GSMA Network Settings Exchange was set up, in collaboration with manufacturers and network operators around the world. With an aim to provide a unique solution to the device network settings challenge. So the devices on your network have the correct settings they need to operate efficiently.

Why is there a settings challenge?

To put it simply, the market has changed. Now more and more mobile devices are bought on the open market. So the correct device network settings aren’t configured on a substantial amount of devices in operators’ networks.

Add to this the ever-growing number of devices, models and OEMs. Consequently, it’s become very difficult to maintain the relationship between device and network that in the past, made sure your settings were always updated.

Moreover, there’s the move to 4G and 5G. Here, lots of complex settings need to be configured, so devices can be tuned precisely to every network. Otherwise, packet technology won’t be as reliable as the circuit technology it’s replacing. In light of this, there’s now an essential need for the right device network settings, ensuring customers’ preferred services, like VoLTE and ViLTE, run smoothly.

Take control with these benefits and more

Better customer experience
With smooth running services. OEMs can download your latest settings quickly and easily, then configure them to your end users’ devices.

Reduced operational costs
Upload your latest settings for over 300 device manufacturers to download. In one go.

Lower customer churn
Give your subscribers the services they expect. Then they’ll be less likely to go to another network that supports those services.

Future-proofed network
Be ready for the 4G and 5G switchover. Make sure the more intricate IMS and APN settings are configured correctly on devices in your network.

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