GSMA Network Settings Exchange

What is GSMA Network Settings Exchange

Operators distribute network settings information via manual and inefficient bi-lateral agreements and cannot engage with every device manufacturer worldwide. As a result, many Open Market Devices (OMD) are using generic or legacy network settings information which results in a sub-optimal network experience, unnecessary frustration for the consumer and can increase network-related consumer complaints.

The GSMA has worked with manufacturers and network operators from around the world via the Terminal Steering Group (TSG) to deliver GSMA Network Settings Exchange. This service provides operators’ one central location to distribute their latest network settings information to manufacturers around the world. This allows accurate configuration of non-provisioned /open market mobile devices to ensure they can support the customer with the services being promoted and offered by the mobile network operators (MNO) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) from the first insertion of a SIM.

There are over 200 manufacturers present in the Hub; we are now ready to welcome the mobile network operator and virtual mobile network operator communities from around the world to join and upload their information.

Why operators need to share their latest network settings

Network settings information is often exchanged via bi-lateral agreements; only a small proportion of manufacturers regularly receive the latest customised data in a timely fashion.

To share information efficiently with global manufacturers, operators and virtual mobile network operators can now access GSMA Network Settings Exchange hub to upload their settings in one place. See below to learn how it works:

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