GSMA Network Settings Exchange

GSMA Network Settings Exchange

As we move from circuit to packet-based technologies with the 5G rollout, it’s more important than ever that devices have the latest IMS and APN settings. So customers can experience the services they want, requiring VoLTE or ViLTE, without interruption. Since with IMS-based technology, there are lots of complex settings to configure, and if these are not accurate and kept up to date, devices won’t work as expected. In addition:

  • Customers are buying more and more devices on the open market, rather than from an MNO or MVNO. These have generic, not specific settings, which can be a problem for the end user. Since the device may not receive the APN information and IMS modifications it needs to run smoothly on the network
  • The ever-growing number of devices, models, and OEMs make it costly and difficult for operators and manufacturers to maintain direct relationships with each other

The GSMA Network Settings Exchange enables every MNO and MVNO to share their latest network settings simply, from one location. With almost all the world’s device manufacturers.


How does the GSMA Network Settings Exchange work?

1. MNOs/MVNOs upload their network settings to the platform or make changes to existing settings
2. OEMs are notified and access the platform to download the new/updated file(s)
3. They ingest the new settings file(s) into their local servers for review
4. OEMs push the settings to new and current devices, for example, through OS/software updates

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