GSMA Network Settings Exchange

Consumer purchasing habits for mobile devices have changed in recent years with a gradual shift towards open market devices (OMDs). It is now becoming more common to go directly to a manufacturer, use an indirect sales channel or retain an existing device and change the network provider.

These types of devices generally provide greater consumer flexibility, with attractive finance options, the ability to find the best Operator deal or are good value on the used market. However, for OMDs to perform at their best, they must be configured to the latest and most appropriate network settings but sharing these between mobile operators and manufacturers can be complex and sometimes impossible.

Insight revealed that some Operators share their latest network settings information regularly with a little as 20 device manufacturers but have identified mobile devices from nearly 500 manufacturers using their network at any given time. In essence, because Operators distribute this information via manual and inefficient bi-lateral agreements, they simply cannot engage with every device manufacturer.

As a result, many OMDs are using generic or legacy network settings information which results in a sub-optimal network experience. For example, an OMD may not provide network services such as ViLTE and VoLTE from the first insertion of SIM. This leads to unnecessary frustration for the consumer and can increase network-related consumer complaints.

GSMA has worked with manufacturers and network operators from around the world via the Terminal Steering (TS) Group to deliver the solution.

GSMA Network Settings Exchange

An industry first, this new service provides mobile operators’ one location to distribute their latest network settings information to mobile device manufacturers around the world, to enable the accurate technical configuration of OMDs, ensuring they support the services promoted and offered by the MNO / MVNO from the first insertion of a SIM.

How GSMA Network Settings Exchange works 

Key Service Benefits 

Licencing and Access

This new service is integrated with the GSMA IMEI Database and is free to use for any device manufacturer who purchases Type Allocation Codes (TAC). A device manufacturers’ TAC Administrator can gain access to this latest service by logging into the IMEI Database, alternatively, if device provisioning is managed elsewhere, a dedicated account can be applied for here.

Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators are charged a nominal fee for an Enterprise Licence which provides access for a single brand/territory. For larger groups, a discount multi-affiliate license is available by request.

To find out more information or to apply for a license visit the GSMA Network Settings Exchange product page