News Flash: One million devices checked by Stolen Phone Checker in the U.S.

Wednesday 7 Nov 2018 | Fraud & Security Services | IMEI | TAC Allocation |

The U.S. wireless industry association, CTIA, has announced that Stolen Phone Checker, which is powered by GSMA Device Check, has been used to verify the status of one million wireless devices since its launch in May 2017.

GSMA Device Check is the world’s most accurate registry of device status, and is used in some countries to power device look-up services such as Stolen Phone Checker in the United States, as well as look-up services in Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand and more. GSMA Device Check allows users to instantly view up to 10 years of a device’s history, including whether it has been reported lost or stolen, as well as the device model information and capabilities. The number of devices checked by GSMA Device Check globally has now reached 189 million.

A survey commissioned by CTIA has shown that the number of U.S. consumers reporting a stolen phone has dropped nearly sixty percent in the past year, which may suggest this activity is helping to significantly reduce instances of device crime.

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