Tuesday October 22, 2019

Mobile Big Data Solutions for a Better Future Report

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The Mobile Big Data Solutions for a Better Future: A world of opportunity report was created to inspire the global community to harness the power of mobile big data (MBD), offering insight into the potential impact that could be achieved if MBD solutions were to be widely adopted. MBD offers the opportunity to create widespread social impact in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, delivering transformative impact through global initiatives, dedicated to the industry purpose to intelligently connect everyone and everything to a better future.

This report illustrates ways in which governments and development agencies are able to harness the power of mobile big data; improving the ways in which they design, implement and monitor public projects. If these MBD solutions are adopted at scale, they can help to tackle global challenges and deliver social impact. Here you can learn the recommendations, key actions and the potential benefit that can be achieved through collaboration between governments, international development agencies and mobile operators to unlock the potential of MBD solutions.

Two Page Summary

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