BaKhabar Kissan (BKK)

Pakistan | EWS, mapping and weather alerts


BaKhabar Kissan (BKK) runs a network of weather stations providing hyperlocal weather information, enabling access to agricultural expertise through digital platforms.


There are 8.2 million smallholder farmers in Pakistan working to meet the basic food and nutrition requirements of the country’s population. However, a lack of weather data stations and high-quality weather data in the country has meant farmers do not have the information they need for efficient decision-making and disaster management. This has hindered food security and left poor communities, particularly farmers, even more vulnerable to the effects of climate change.


BKK’s platform provides access to various services, including weather information and agricultural expertise on the latest pesticides and better farming methods. The GSMA supported BKK in November 2022 to enhance their digital weather platform and provide farmers with real-time, hyperlocal weather information. The grant was used to disseminate content related to agriculture and livestock practices to enhance the resilience of farmers to climate change-induced weather impacts. Their platform also provides access to agriculture and weather experts who can help farmers learn and adapt to new farming techniques.


Since partnering with the GSMA, BKK has:
– Increased the number of subscribers (including farmers, livestock owners and non-farmers subscribed to weather updates) who access their conventional digital services to 11.2 million.
– Deployed 135 automated weather stations.
– Reported a total of 212,351 app downloads.

A message from the founder

“BKK is a passion filled entity, made up of a team who is dedicated to empowering the farming community. We believe in the power of effective collaboration which is why we are delighted to partner with GSMA. Through our aligned vision, we are seeking to mutually integrate farmers in the Agri eco-system, enabling digital literacy, smart farming advisory, aiding financial inclusion, and ultimately digitizing the Agri value chain – making it the perfect partnership.”

– Khizer Alam Khan, Co-founder and CEO


Khizer Alam Khan

Team | 51–200 employees


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