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BENAA supports water resource management by using IoT to convert wastewater into irrigation water for small farms in rural Egypt.


Small rural communities in Egypt lack access to centralised infrastructure like sanitation. This contributes to soil, surface and groundwater pollution, leading to the proliferation of water-borne diseases and food contamination. They also face escalating water shortages due to population growth and climate change, a particular challenge for the agricultural sector, which consumes 86% of Egypt’s water resources.


BENAA launched the Digital Water and Sanitation Solution (DWSS) project in remote rural areas of Egypt. BENAA received a GSMA grant in November 2022 to use an IoT system in decentralised water treatment units to monitor and analyse the quality of treated wastewater and the concentration of nutrients.


Since partnering with the GSMA, BENAA has:

– Launched the DWSS app and within one month had 150 users (as of October 2023).

– Reported that an additional 2,905 individuals, including households and farm workers, have benefited from treated water after an IoT device was installed.

A message from the founder

“BENAA community is fostering social innovation for environmental sustainability. We build a sustainable future by empowering, educating and enhance the skills of youth”

– Aya Tarek Helmy, Founder


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