The Ecosystem for Open Gateway NaaS API Development

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Together, CAMARA, the GSMA, LF Networking and TM Forum have written a white paper to introduce some of the concepts of a GSMA Open Gateway NaaS architecture and to shed light on the intended demarcation points, so that stakeholders can know the scope and touchpoints of the participating organizations and understand how each of them contribute.

GSMA Open Gateway is a framework of common network Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) designed to provide universal access to operator networks for developers. With the support of 25 mobile network operators, GSMA Open Gateway helps application developers enhance and deploy services more quickly across operator networks via single points of access to the world’s largest connectivity platform.

Network as a Service (NaaS) represents a paradigm shift with great impact on the industry landscape. Its development requires a collaborative workspace that brings together incumbent telco standards bodies with IT and cloud communities, industry associations and open-source projects. An effective collaboration among organizations needs to be based on a clear demarcation on their scope of work, avoiding that participating organizations run overlapping activities or duplicate efforts; otherwise, NaaS may risk ending up with a fragmented ecosystem. CSPs and vendors must support and adhere to the outcome produced by these bodies, and ensure their internal teams are aligned.

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