Advanced Air Mobility

The GSMA is working with the telecoms and aviation sectors to support the transformation of the aviation industry through digitalisation and automation while maintaining the focus on safety. Existing human-centric systems and processes limit scale, acting as a barrier to greater usage of UAVs and eVTOLs (electric vehicle take-off and landing) for the transport of goods and people. Therefore, aviation authorities and governments are defining new rules suitable for the new airspace users, while other stakeholders are also working on appropriate solutions.

The main objectives of the GSMA communities are:


Understanding airspace transformation, and the business and operational needs driving transformation


Sharing knowledge and understanding of both telecom and aviation industries


Identifying mobile operators’ capabilities and wider opportunities for all stakeholders

Two initiatives are making progress in advanced air mobility – the Drone Interest Group and Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity. To find out more, visit the respective pages below or get in touch at [email protected]