Charting Japan’s AAM Future: The ConOps Journey

Discover the essential guide for companies eyeing the Japanese Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market with the ConOps. Initially launched in 2021, this critical document sets the stage for commercial operations and scaling eVTOL services in Japan. Now, in its second iteration planned for 2024, the ConOps evolves to reflect global AAM changes, explore new use cases, and integrate stakeholder input. Skyports Infrastructure, instrumental in vertiport infrastructure development, contributes vital insights from ongoing testing campaigns in Europe, aligning expertise with Japan’s needs. Atsushi Okada, Japan Country Lead at Skyports, emphasizes collaboration’s importance, signaling the industry’s readiness for action. David Rottblatt, VP at Eve Air Mobility, highlights the project’s significance in shaping Japan’s AAM future. Formed by Japan’s METI and MLIT, the Public-Private Committee for AAM drives industry advancement, underscoring the pivotal role of cooperation in Japan’s AAM journey.