GSMA Intelligence Webinar: Investing in 5G Networks

GSMA Intelligence Webinar: Investing in 5G Networks

Start: Wednesday 17 July 2019 10:00

End: Wednesday 17 July 2019 19:00

Venue: Webinar

Location: Global

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5G is upon us. A handful of mobile operators have already launched early 5G commercial services in the US, South Korea and Europe – more will follow over the next months, bringing 5G to consumers in 58 countries by the end of 2020. To deliver the next generation network, operators will invest $1 trillion worldwide between 2018 and 2025 in 5G. Building on recent GSMA Intelligence research into operator spending on 5G, this webinar will provide an opportunity to get a view into our insights and help answer critical questions as the industry looks to build out 5G networks and services.

Part 1 – Operators investing in 5G networks: how much are we really talking about and when?   
Alla Shabelnikova, Senior Analyst Financials at GSMA Intelligence, will discuss the investment outlook for mobile operators in the 5G era. Using GSMA Intelligence new mobile capex forecast 2019-2025, this section will address key questions such as how much will operators invest in 5G (and 4G) networks in each region? why regions will have different paces of 5G investment? what are the key capex components and drivers?

Part 2 – Network investment: critical questions for the mobile industry
In this session, Pablo Iacopino, Director of Ecosystem Research at GSMA Intelligence will discuss the critical questions for network investment in the 5G era, including where’s the money for 5G, new network models, private networks and key business challenges. He will also discuss some of the factors that can disrupt the 5G network investment in the longer term, changing the game for operators in both directions: positively or negatively.

Part 3 – The value of network economics and efficiency
In this session, Michele Zarri of GSMA’s Future Networks programme will discuss the important role network efficiency plays in the deployment of future networks. As the revenue opportunity begins to crystallise in 5G, cost reduction is a primary driver for MNOs with key topic areas including Energy, Infrastructure, Backhaul and AI & Automation. Innovation in this area has been profiled and more than $500m worth of potential savings has been identified, modelled and verified by operators in a series of Beta Labs case studies.