eBook from COMPRION: Mission eSIMpossible? How MNOs can achieve painless eSIM integration

The eSIM has arrived. For mobile network operators (MNOs) everywhere, the benefits of this revolutionary technology are no longer a future dream, they are attainable today.

Much has been written about the benefits of the eSIM, but enabling universal eSIM interoperability through remote provisioning, however, remains a technical headache for the industry. Indeed, supporting eSIM connectivity is perhaps the biggest challenge MNOs have faced since they introduced the SIM card, back in the early 1990’s. Success requires them to modify their supporting infrastructure for both M2M and consumer devices.

COMPRION’s ‘Mission eSIMpossible?’ ebook analyses eSIM introduction in M2M and consumer devices from the MNOs perspective. Specifically, it also explores how the process of switching to the eSIM can be far less complex than it may first appear.

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