eSIM Compliance and Industry Certifications

With the publication of SGP.24 version 2.0, GSMA has moved its eSIM compliance requirements into the industry certification domain.

Starting from 1st May 2018, GSMA now references the certification programmes of GlobalPlatform, Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PTCRB for eSIM functional testing.

These expert certification bodies have verified and validated GSMA’s SGP.23 functional tests on commercial test platforms, using their own expert processes.  GlobalPlatform, GCF and PTCRB now provide independent functional test & certification mechanisms for eSIM; accessible to all eSIM product vendors and recognised as evidence of eSIM functional compliance.

Successful functional test is just one of the important compliance expectations for eSIM products. It joins  Protection Profile based eUICC platform security and GSMA’s industry respected SAS scheme for site security to form the three key requirements for any product wishing to declare compliance with GSMA’s eSIM specifications.

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