5G Era IoT Manufacturing Benefits & Use Cases

5G IoT has the flexibility and reliability to open up a range of new use cases in manufacturing, allowing them to be run on either a public or private network architecture.  The use cases that 5G can enable are broadly split between improving Factory Efficiency – creating an environment fit for innovation and high production performance through IoT deployments, and Product Build and Quality – ensuring that high product quality is maintained through the effective use of IoT sensors and data.

Highlighted here are a number of case studies from around the world which take advantage of these new opportunities on 5G, and cover a range of use cases including predictive maintenance, AGVs, plant management and end-to-end traceability.  These case studies demonstrate that the impact of 5G IoT on manufacturing is broad and that manufacturers can adapt 5G IoT to meet their own requirements around production performance, availability and quality control.