Tuesday March 10, 2020

Customising and Locking Down IoT Connectivity: IoT Security Pt. 1 (Mobile IoT Developer Guides)

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Ian Smith, IoT Security Lead at the GSMA, shows how easy it can be to customise and ‘lock down’ IoT network connectivity to reduce the attack surfaces of IoT services. Ian is using a Raspberry Pi with a Seeed IoT cellular module which is based on the u-blox R211 cellular module, the u-blox m-center application, and the BICS and JT connectivity management portals.

This video covers:

  • Introduction and overview (0:00)
  • BICS setup and portal overview (04:36)
  • Blocking voice and SMS services (6:43)
  • Locking a SIM to a device (11:16)
  • Setting a roaming profile (14:51)
  • JT setup and portal overview (16:32)
  • Setting data limits and alerts (18:05)
  • IP address whitelisting (23:11)

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