Wednesday February 20, 2019

NB-IoT Commercialisation Case Study: How China Mobile, China Telecom & China Unicom Enable Million More IoT Devices | NB-IoT商业化案例研究:中国移动、中国电信和中国联通 如何支持数千万物联网设备

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In China, the leading mobile operators are using Mobile IoT technologies to connect millions of devices, appliances and machines. This case study illustrates how China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom enable consumers and businesses to benefit from better services using NB-IoT, while opening up new business models for mobile operators and their partners. Supporting extensive coverage and low power consumption, NB-IoT is making it feasible to securely remotely monitor and control very large volumes of everyday devices, appliance, machines and vehicles. Both consumers and businesses in China are now benefitting from greater convenience, better reliability, and improved safety and security.

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NB-IoT 支持的覆盖范围广且功耗低,可以对大量日常设备、家电和机器进行安全的远程监测和控制。因此,中国的消费者和企业现在都能享有更加便利、可靠和安全的服务。


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