Friday August 11, 2023

Smart meters fact sheet

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Up-to-date information about energy and water usage can be used to cut waste and improve efficiency. Households and businesses can use connected energy and water meters to better manage their usage, while helping utilities to balance supply and demand, and identify leaks and faults.

Although energy meters are generally connected to the grid, smart water meters tend to be battery-operated, so they need to be power efficient. Moreover, in many countries, water meters are located outside and/or underground, so they cannot use a building’s Wi-Fi network for connectivity. Low power wide area cellular technologies can overcome these challenges to deliver smart metering.

This fact sheet identify the challenges faced as the pandemic and the energy crisis caused the need to automate information gathering and business operations to ensure efficiency and continuity of services. The solutions to that challenge being low power wide area networks (LPWAN), which provide a less expensive and a less complex means of connecting smart meters than earlier technologies. Read real examples from companies like Telia, Telstra, Bharti Airtel and Sony Altair. Download now

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