Mobile IoT for Smart Cities – Introduction

The Benefits of partnering with Mobile Network Operators

Mobile operators are best placed to offer Mobile IoT networks for a number of reasons:

Quality of Service at Scale

Mobile operators already provide secure IoT enabled networks and platforms at scale around the world.  They have large customer support functions and deliver a high quality of service to their customers.  They are also involved in actively standardising mobile technology so that the whole ecosystem of industry players are able to obtain economies of scale quickly and meet global demands.

IoT Experience

Mobile IoT networks will be integrated by mobile operators into their existing IoT management platforms, meaning that existing, proven processes can be followed for device and sensor management.  Operators have experience of deploying services for connected cars, smart utilities and smart city services.

This also means that new services and applications can be brought to bear very quickly, as the existing systems are flexible enough to adapt to changing needs.

Licenced Spectrum Control

Finally, Mobile IoT networks are deployed in licenced spectrum, which is exclusively controlled by mobile operators.  This means that Quality of Service can remain high, network attributes such as bandwidth and scale can flex as needed by the city, and data security is assured.

Network Management

Mobile Network Operator platforms provide a single access to all of the mobile operators’ networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G, Mobile IoT and others.  The city can therefore access a full range of services to meet the specific requirements of their individual city and can pick the appropriate technologies and service providers to meet their needs.  Every operator has a control centre where the status of networks is monitored, faults resolved and engineering teams despatched from.