GSMA Issues New Report on 5G Slicing

The GSMA has issued a new report titled ‘Smart 5G networks: enabled by network slicing and tailored to customers’ needs’ outlining how businesses can benefit from the ability of mobile operators to ‘slice’ their 5G networks to cater to specific requirements.

New 5G networks will be incredibly smart and will not only be faster, more responsive and more dependable than previous generations, but they will also introduce an architecture solution that will enable the creation of a set of logically independent networks that run on a common physical infrastructure. GSMA Intelligence estimates that there will be 1.2 billion 5G connections by 2025, covering 40% of the global population or about 2.7 billion people. 5G is a real opportunity to create an agile network which adapts to the different needs of specific industries and the economy.

Every business has particular network priorities and requirements whether it’s more bandwidth, security or faster response times. In the future, mobile operators will be able to create bespoke network slices that fulfil specific technical and business needs.

This report provides an overview of how mobile operators and businesses will work collaboratively to ensure they get the optimal performance and features from the network. The report is available in English, Chinese and Korean. Please select your preferred version below to download: