GSMA VoLTE Interoperability Test Event (VITE)

The GSMA is organising a VoLTE Interoperability Test Event, called VITE for short, with the goal of accelerating the implementation of stable interoperable VoLTE devices and networks. It will achieve this through the execution and analysis of an agreed set of test cases in given configurations within and across a number of networks with various devices. This will lead to enhancement of Implementation Guidelines with Lessons Learned, useful additional inputs to the IP Comms Issues Registry (InfoCentre2 access is required in order to view the Register), identification of any necessary CRs to improve the specifications, verification of selected TSG VoLTE Certification test cases, and confirmation of principles and procedures for a converged IP Communications Services conformance framework.

The test event is being organised because Operators report issues as they implement VoLTE services; because OEMs report different Operator requirements for device implementations and the GSMA considered there is an opportunity to assess divergence; and because the GSMA considered is appropriate to validate VoLTE Certification approach within a broader IP Communications Services conformance framework.

Operators who have agreed to take part in the event include Telstra of Australia, PCCW/HKT and Smartone of Hong Kong, Rogers of Canada, MTS of Russia and Telefonica of Germany. The device providers who have agreed to participate are LG, Sony, D2 Technologies and Samsung. Samsung in particular provide very strong commitment to the event, formally stating that the Samsung Device Team will give highest priority in VoLTE commercialization support to specific Operators participating in the VITE programme.
The test scope has been discussed and agreed amongst participants:
• Voice and Conversational Video including image rotation aspects; measurement of Quality of Service for both services
• SMS-MO & MT (via Service Gateway & IMS)
• Supplementary Services (Originating Indication Presentation/Restriction, HOLD, WAIT, Multi-Party, Early Media & Announcements)
The test cases to be used in the event are a selection drawn from TS.11 test set developed by TSG for VoLTE Certification complemented by RCS video orientation test cases from previous META events.

There are two main parts to the testing, Part 1 involving testing between devices on a network not IP connected to another network (UNI only) and Part 2 testing between different devices on different networks with analysis on NNI and UNI. Roaming is not in scope for the test event. The GSMA is in preparatory stage for Part 1 execution with ready Participants in the April – May 2015 timeframe. It is envisaged that there will be an interim testing report available for MWC Asia in July 2015.
For further information on this event please contact Ian Crawford on [email protected]