Real-World Impact of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) – new paper

A new paper, published by Intel, explores Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).

The impact of MEC on the mobile subscriber’s experience is so profound that MEC has become an integral part of 4G networks around the world. To illustrate the effect of MEC, this paper describes the impact of MEC trials at two major international events: The Mobile World Congress* held in Barcelona in February 2016, and the worldwide acclaimed motor racing event held at the Shanghai International Circuit* in April 2016.

This follows the successful live demonstration of MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) and AR (Augmented Reality) by China Mobile, Intel, and Nokia at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016. The demonstration used a camera to view an object, the system then identified it and took the viewer into the world of the object using AR.

Find out more in Intel’s solutions library and read the paper here.