The All-IP Rich Communications connected car

In the GSMA’s Innovation city, the Network 2020 Programme were delighted to reveal what is believed to be the first VoLTE and RCS capable connected car. Developed by Summit Tech in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent, it was parked outside the GSMA’s Innovation City railway station and proved very popular with visitors. A fascinating range of features and applications were on show with easily accessible VoLTE and Rich Communications services packed into possibly the smallest car in the show.

The main features demonstrated were:

• Driver facing (Heads-Up Display) for in-car IP messaging/voice/video with gesture detection from diver
• RCS location share integration with GPS
• In car video sharing for social driving experience
• Remote monitoring and diagnostics over RCS
• Enriched calling with passenger detection through social presence (connecting to the device of someone in the passenger seat)
• RCS Payments using Bitcoins – shown as a Drive-Through retail experience and using the Heads-Up Display)
• Car as a secondary device (handover from mobile phone to car- services on car show up through capability discovery)







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