The operator Network 2020 demonstration table: hands-on All-IP solutions demonstrated live

One of the key focus areas in this year’s exhibition in the innovation City was a series of demonstrations from operators and leading companies in the All-IP ecosystem – all located around the ‘operator demonstration table’. Discussions with visiting representatives from operators took place against the background of a real-time world map showing All-IP launches and with a variety of live All-IP demonstrations to hand. Visitors were able to take a journey around VoLTE, RCS and interconnection solutions – without leaving the demo area.

Deutsche Telekom and Orange collaborated to showcase an Enriched Calling Demo showing Pre-/In- & Post Call Features (based on RCS) – highlighting the scope of enrichment possibilities that are simply not possible with other communication apps. Deutsche Telekom and WIT also exhibited an RCS Multi-device demo.

Jibe took visitors on an interconnection journey which brought the essence of the Network 2020 Programme to life by displaying their ‘Green Button Promise’ demo in an interconnected scenario. The opportunity to create one global IP service was emphasised by the interconnection examples from operators such as DT, KPN, SFR, Sprint and Vodafone.

D2 Technologies and NewNet Communication Technologies continue to deliver and expand their innovation in line with the Network 2020 Programme initiatives to help migrate mobile operators towards All-IP solutions. In a joint equipment and solution demonstration, they presented their ‘Green Button Promise’ experience along with Enriched Calling. Their platform delivers a comprehensive suite of functionalities including Common Message store; Best Efforts Voice; ViLTE; WiFi offload solutions and seamless IP to SMS integration functionality, as well as WebRTC, RCS Network API and OMA Presence.