Wednesday June 3, 2020

5G Live #1: The Edge Developer Opportunity – Catch Up

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Watch the 5G Live #1: The Edge Developer Opportunity webinar and download the speakers’ presentations.

On Wednesday, 03 June, The Future Networks Programme hosted the first ‘5G Live’ webinar with MobiledgeX.

In this webinar, Jason Hoffman, Chairman and CEO at MobiledgeX, discussed how 5G Edge Computing offers Mobile Operators new relevance and revenue opportunities. Jason also explained the community-based initiative Seamster, which focuses on finding the most interesting use cases. 

Webinar Catch Up

Duration: 41mins 07sec


Company Speaker Presentation
GSMA Paul Schonewald, Programme Marketing Director
5G Live Overview
GSMA Michele Zarri, Technical Director
5G Update
MobiledgeX Jason Hoffman, Chairman and CEO
The Edge Developer Opportunity

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