Network Slicing Use Case Requirements Whitepaper

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Network Slicing is set to be a prominent feature of 5G to allow connectivity and data processing tailored to specific customers’ requirements. Mobile communications provided by smart networks will enhance the efficiency and productivity of business processes and will open up opportunities for operators to address the Business to Business segment more effectively.

In the 5G era, different industry verticals are seeking to leverage the power of technology to boost productivity across swathes of the economy. Network Slicing builds on this expectation, and together with the promise of Massive IoT and ultra-reliable/low latency services, will support the digital transformation and mobilisation of industry vertical customers.

The GSMA estimates that in combination with other enablers and capabilities, Network Slicing will permit operators to address a revenue opportunity worth $300bn by 2025.

In this paper, the GSMA sets out to understand the service requirements expressed by business customers from different vertical industries in several key sectors including energy, IoT, automotive, manufacturing and many more.

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