Tuesday October 18, 2022

On Demand: Advancing the 5G Era – Benefits and Opportunity of 5G-Advanced Webinar

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In less than two years from standardization, 5G adoption has been accelerated and roll out is now in full swing. Launched in more than 70 countries and nearly 200 operators, it covers 50% of global markets and as of today almost 1/3 of the population. Its now resulted in over 640 million 5G connections and a skyrocketing 2bn connections expected by 2025. 5G could become the fastest adopted mobile technology in history.

5G-Advanced, as part of 3GPP Release 18 in 2024, is the next milestone in the 5G Era. 5G-Advanced brings in new wireless technology innovations strengthening the 5G system foundation including improving speed, maximizing coverage, enhancing mobility and power efficiency. 5G-Advanced also extends 5G to all connected devices virtually, which supports a new generation of new business opportunities.

Huawei, together with China Mobile, Ericsson and Orange, gathered on 22 September 2022 and shared valuable insights about how 5G-Advanced will enhance network performance and unlock the potential of the metaverse, with real life network case studies, unlock the potential of the Metaverse, smart mobility and industrial automation.


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