GSMA Operator Platform Telco Edge Requirements – October 22

GSMA Operator Platform Telco Edge Requirements – October 22 image

In this latest updated Telco Edge Requirements document, Operator Platform intends to provide a common solution for operators to expose the capabilities of their networks to enterprise customers and developers allowing monetisation of those capabilities.

Through its federation capabilities the Operator Platform enables those enterprise customers to connect to a single platform and get access to the capabilities of all networks that are part of the federation.

While initially focussed on edge compute capabilities, the previous version of the Operator Platform requirements and architecture expanded on that by enabling the exposure of Network-as-a-Service capabilities such as control of Quality of Service. This latest update of the requirements and the architecture for the Operator Platform takes that further.

Next to clarifications and general improvements, it covers  new functional areas that an Operator Platform could expose. In no particular order these areas include;

  • Further network capabilities that an Application Provider might use in combination with edge or in a standalone manner, among others providing analytics information on the network
  • Service continuity on mobility of users using edge and other Operator Platform capabilities between 4G and 5G cellular core networks
  • Use of low latency interconnections between edge cloudlets that the Operator Platform would control and monitor through a new Southbound Interface

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