Innovator Profile: VIAVI


In Search of Greener Networks

Managing operational expenditures (OpEx) continues to be a key priority for any mobile operator, and Proximus is no exception. As the largest mobile operator in Belgium, Proximus was faced with the challenge of controlling OpEx while maintaining service coverage and capacity. The operator set its sights on reducing energy consumption, focusing specifically on the radio access network (RAN), which typically consumes up to 70 percent of the overall network energy budget.

Faced with this challenge, Proximus turned to VIAVI Solutions, a global expert in network test and assurance based in San Jose, California – the heart of Silicon Valley. VIAVI has been in business since 1923, starting out as a European company called Wandel and Goltermann building radios, and it has grown into one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronic test and measurement equipment. For nearly 100 years, VIAVI has delivered innovation to optimize communications technologies.

An Intelligent RAN

Given the complexity and non-uniformity of networks today, manually optimizing the Proximus network was not an option. VIAVI helped the operator take an automated, customer-centric approach to optimize energy consumption, while improving QoE at the same time.

Proximus deployed the location-aware GEOoptimize solution, which is part of the VIAVI NITRO™ Mobile portfolio. This intelligent solution helps mobile operators address the challenge of improving capacity and coverage, while optimizing RAN performance for cell site efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

VIAVI takes a unique approach by bringing the power of subscriber-centric, geo-located intelligence to automated network performance optimization, in a solution that can be delivered as a CapEx model or an OpEx model. Together with predictive decision making and machine learning techniques, the VIAVI solution can analyze KPIs in parallel to finely adjust the sensitivity of a particular cell site, or even switch it off, while maintaining or often improving service.

In addition to the Proximus deployment, the VIAVI solution has been deployed with a number of other Tier 1 operators. Mobile operators first deploy the solution to gather data from the network edge (e.g. NodeB, eNodeB, MME), then NITRO Mobile can locate, store and analyze the data from the mobile connection events, creating a store of intelligence. The VIAVI solution harnesses this intelligence to deliver automated network performance engineering, helping to lower costs and improve returns by curbing cell site energy consumption and optimizing RAN capacity and coverage. Typically an operator can start seeing value in a matter of weeks.

The modular approach of NITRO Mobile, deployed as a service or as a solution, addresses the complexity issues that operators face today, harnessing the power of geo-located, subscriber-centric intelligence to deliver automated network performance and energy optimization. Read more about how Proximus reduced energy consumption to lower OpEx and achieve real business benefits, delivering a greener and more efficient network in the process.

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