Operators need to priorities network coverage expansion to meet data requirements

CES 2024: digital transformation takes centre stage

Last week, important announcements were made during CES related to digital transformation across a wide range of topics. In the IoT market, Quectel, a global IoT solutions provider, announced its partnership with Skylo, a non-terrestrial-network (NTN) operator. The partnership will enable seamless satellite connections across all IoT devices using Quectel modules. Meanwhile, in automotive company, Volkswagen (VW) announced the integration of ChatGPT into its car voice assistant. Separately, Siemens announced the Xcelerator Developer Portal, a platform that consolidates all of Siemens’ APIs and developer resources, providing a unified space for developers to explore and access these.

These developments are important to the telecoms industry given the role of mobile technology in enabling the digital transformation. The IoT-NTN development highlights the importance of having uninterrupted and integrated connectivity to support the operation of IoT devices everywhere. With the rising use of IoT digital solutions across all vertical sectors, operators will need to continue prioritising network coverage expansion while building partnerships to ensure that networks can support the flow of generated data. While VW’s innovations demonstrate the continued interest in generative AI  across the tech ecosystem, Siemens’ work points to how IoT and connectivity growth means that APIs will play an increasingly critical role, as they ensure smooth user experiences.