Network 2020 VoLTE eco-system test event

The GSMA is progressing with its plans for a VoLTE eco-system test event to occur in the first half of 2015. The objective is to set up and execute this test event using principles and lessons learned from the highly successful RCS Meta events which were held in 2012-2013. Previous RCS META test events have proved very useful in rapidly maturing early implementations, capturing important implementation matters and improving the specifications.

This VoLTE test event is being organised by the GSMA Network 2020 Programme in response to a number of points including requests from VoLTE operators, VoLTE device manufacturers and considerations within the Network 2020 Programme for a converged approach to testing of IP communications devices and networks. All Operators who have launched VoLTE services are being invited, along with those who are shortly expected to do so. Additionally, VoLTE device manufacturers are invited to participate.

The GSMA Network 2020 IOT Programme Office will be establishing a Test Plan Working Group with potential hosts and participants in order to agree the details of the Test Plan covering the scope, test cases, test configurations and schedules.

There is already good interest from operators and VoLTE handset manufacturers. More information on this event will be provided in the near future, however for more information on the plans for VoLTE META testing, please email us at [email protected].