Open Gateway Challenge

What are the GLOMOs?

The Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards are the industry’s most prestigious accolade.

To be selected in the shortlist for a #GLOMOAward means recognition as a serious player – one to be watched closely in the tech sector. And to then win a GLOMO Award, means achieving the highest merit by your peers across the entire digital industry.

As we celebrate the 29th edition of the awards, we’ve launched a new award, the Open Gateway Challenge.

The prize

Winning Companies

The Winner will receive the following:

How to enter?

This prize rewards developers who use public CAMARA APIs to create a commercial cloud-based service which:

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some projects you can solve from Nokia and use to submit an entry.

Please note a test bed will be available mid/end Oct by contacting if you’d like to further test your idea. Find out more about the challenge and how to enter.

Nokia DevCon Challenge Discover how to enter

Open Gateway Challenge Sponsor

The Open Gateway Challenge is proudly sponsored by: Nokia