Universal Profile

Universal Profile

The industry standard for RCS Business Messaging, ensuring the telecoms industry remains at the centre of digital communications

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What is the Universal Profile?

The GSMA’s Universal Profile is a single, industry-agreed set of features and technical enablers developed to simplify the product development and global operator deployment of RCS.

Marking a new era of operator service interoperability, the Universal Profile enables the industry to deliver a consistent and advanced messaging experience for 6.7 billion consumers worldwide.

The Universal Profile contains core features such as capability discovery (interoperable between regions), chat, group chat, file transfer, audio messaging, video share, multi-device, enriched calling, location share and live sketching. It also introduces the key enablers for Messaging as a Platform (MaaP). This includes support for RCS business messaging, Rich Cards, privacy control and spam protection.

Why is the Universal Profile important?

The Universal Profile ensures the telecoms industry remains at the centre of digital communications by enabling Operators, OEMs and OS Providers to deliver this exciting new messaging service consistently, quickly and simply. GSMAi estimate that this will open up an A2P RCS business worth an estimated $74bn by 2021.

Who supports the Universal Profile?

The Universal Profile is supported by a large and growing ecosystem composed of Operators, OEMs and OS Provider all of whom have committed to supporting a single, standard implementation of the Universal Profile to accelerate the availability of Advanced Communications. Operators are free to decide whether or not to implement RCS within their 4G networks. However, the 5G standards mandate the implementation of RCS in 5G networks and devices.

How do I access the Universal Profile?

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