Policy Positions: Making sense of mobile spectrum

The main goal of governments around the world should be to get the most out of its mobile spectrum resources. To help, the GSMA develops policy positions on important topics. This page collects the most recent ones.

The mobile industry connected over five billion unique subscribers. Reaching this landmark is a tremendous achievement for an industry that is only a few decades old. It reflects the trillions of dollars that mobile operators have invested in networks, services and spectrum. But also the policy position that make this possible or stand in the way of further growth.

Still, what we have seen so far is only the beginning. Thanks to new technological developments, the mobile industry is at a crossroads. With 5G comes an opportunity to empower citizens and businesses using widespread ultra-fast connectivity. Mobile networks can also play a vital role in realising the socioeconomic benefits of the Internet of Things.

The mobile industry is ready to step up to make the most of these opportunities. But governments must adopt supportive regulatory frameworks to enable all the benefits of using mobile connectivity. This is especially true for spectrum.

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