Mobile IoT Open Labs Map

February 26, 2017



To assist with the deployment of the Mobile IoT, the GSMA’s Connected Living programme has launched the Mobile IoT Open Lab Map, a unique resource which provides information on the operators, equipment manufacturers and associated technologies that are being developed in any particular region. To find out more information on any given map, please use the contact details below.

Lab Website & Contact Details
1) Nokia Device IoT Excellence Center: Irving, Texas
2) Nokia Device IoT Excellence Center: Murray Hill, New Jersey
3) Vodafone & Huawei: Newbury, UK,

4)Vodafone, Multi Vendor: Dusseldorf, Germany

5&6)Deutsche Telekom -Hub:raum: Bonn, Berlin
Cracow, Poland
7) China Mobile with members and 5 joint innovation partners: Beijing, China  Ms. Shen Xiaoming:
8)LGU+ & Huawei: Seoul, South Korea Coming soon
9)Oi and Nokia Lab: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
10)5TONIC Lab, supported by Telefónica
Imdea Networks, Ericsson, Intel, Commscope, Universidad Carlos III, Cohere, Artesyn: Madrid, Spain

11)Nokia Device IOT Excellence Center: Paris-Saclay, France
12)TIM & Partners as of Feb 2017: Huawei, Ericsson, Canavisia, Indra, Planet, Libelium, AMIAT, Torino City Council, Firenze City Council, Livorno Harbour, Sant’Anna University, Firenze University, Philips, AVIP-Reteitalia, Maniola, KGN, Ecotec: Turin, Italy 

13)Nokia Device IOT Excellence Center: Hangzhou, China
14)KT, Nokia: Pangyo, South Korea Coming soon
15)Huawei, James Cook University: Cairns, Australia

Professor Wei Xiang:

16)Huawei, Open IoT Lab: Shanghai, China

Mr. Diao Zhifeng: 

17)Telefónica I+D Chile Open IoT Lab: Santiago, Chile



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