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By GSMA mWomen

Women & Mobile: A Global Opportunity


The report is the first global study of its kind. It endeavours to understand mobile usage by women subscribers in low and middle income countries and highlights the barriers facing women’s adoption of mobile technologies. It also shows that by extending the benefits of mobile phone ownership to women, a host of social and economic goals can be advanced. Key report findings include:

  • Across all countries a woman is 21% less likely to own a mobile phone than a man. This figure increases to 23% if she lives in sub-Saharan Africa, 24% if she lives in the Middle East and 37% if she lives in South Asia
  • 93% of women reported feeling safer because of their mobile phone
  • 85% of women reported feeling more independent because of their mobile phone
  • 41% of women reported having increased income and professional opportunities once they owned a mobile phone
  • Women in rural areas and lower income brackets stand to benefit the most from closing the gender gap

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