Friday May 31, 2024

Architecture Considerations For eIDAS 2.0

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The GSMA, specifically representing the European Mobile Network Operators involved in identity services in this instance, strongly supports the European Commission’s initiative to revise and expand the eIDAS Regulation into the European Digital Identity framework. It is encouraging to see that the initiative includes the expansion of eIDAS services to the private sector, proposes to create interoperable standardised solutions via the Toolbox and applies crucial principles such as user sovereignty and a security-by-design approach. We believe that delivering the EUDI wallet ambition requires innovative approaches to meet simultaneously all prerequisites of security, privacy, ease of use and reach. This document details GSMA Europe’s view on the constraints the eIDAS 2.0 ecosystem is facing; it then proposes how mobile operator assets could be leveraged to optimise the implementation of EUDI Wallets and to provide solutions that would ensure full privacy without any adverse impacts on security, ease of use and reach.

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