Friday October 6, 2023

Mobile Number as a Verifiable Credential in eIDAS 2.0 Wallets

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In view of the importance of mobile number verification to digital security, the GSMA, specifically representing the European Mobile Network Operators involved in identity services in this instance, proposes this whitepaper for the benefit of the nascent eIDAS ecosystem. This whitepaper sets out why and how eIDAS 2.0 Wallets would benefit from the Mobile Number as a Verifiable Credential. The document first examines the current landscape for mobile number verification and the implication of migration towards European Digital Identity wallets. Existing mobile number verification solutions are in use across many digital services including the mobile industry itself. These solutions will need to evolve to integrate successfully in the eIDAS 2.0 framework. This document then studies the feasibility of adding a verified mobile number to the European Digital Identity Wallet as a Qualified Electronic Attribute Attestation issued by the MNO it is currently bound to. This proposal will enable discussions with the eIDAS ecosystem in order to initiate the specification process.

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