Mobile Telecommunications Security Threat Landscape

Thursday 31 Jan 2019 |

Mobile Telecommunications Security Threat Landscape image

The GSMA predict that the threat to industry will increase over time.

This is the 1st publication of the security treat landscape pertaining to the mobile telecommunications industry.

In this report the GSMA review 2018 and highlight the main threats impacting the industry. The purpose of this report is to support our members in understanding and managing the threats faced. Based on this purpose, our focus is providing remedial advice as well as highlighting the threat.

The GSMA recommend operators implement the controls outlined within this report; with a holistic view on technology, processes, and people. These internal controls, coupled with consumer education and industry engagement should result in protected services for enterprise and consumer alike.

Our intention is to update this brief on an annual basis. In-depth studies of specific topics may be published as supplemental reports, these will depend on the industry’s needs as the security threat dynamics change.