SGP.32 v1.0.1

Tuesday 4 Jul 2023 |

This document provides a technical description of the GSMA’s eSIM IoT Architecture and
Requirements SGP.31  specification.


This specification provides a technical description of:
• The remote provisioning and management of the eUICC in IoT Network Constrained
and/or User Interface Constrained Devices.
• The eUICC architecture for IoT Devices.
• The interfaces used within the eSIM IoT architecture; and
• The security functions used within the eSIM IoT architecture.


Please note that version 1.0 of SGP.32 contained errors on the ASN.1 structure due to a missing accepted change from GSMA eSIMG.

  • Section 2.1.3 ASN.1 — IMPORT module from SGP.22 was missing – asn1module1 was added on SGP.32 v1.0.1
  • Section ASN.1 — eIM configuration data tag values were wrongly assigned

SGP.32 v1.0.1 fixes the problems above.


SGP.32 v1.0.1 (Word Document)

SGP.32 v1.0.1 (Pdf)