5G mmWave

5G mmWave

Unlocking the Full Potential of 5G

A key element of the 5G technology mix, 5G mmWave helps deliver on the full promise of 5G with extreme bandwidth, data speeds and low latency in high-traffic, high-density scenarios. Cities, public transport hubs and sports stadiums are typical use-case scenarios that benefit from the capabilities 5G mmWave brings to the table.

The GSMA 5G mmWave Accelerator Initiative aims to underline the role that 5G mmWave plays in unlocking the full potential of 5G. The initiative spearheads projects focused on the exploration of everyday business implementations and increasing education efforts around 5G mmWave benefits.

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GSMA 5G mmWave Accelerator Project

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5G mmWave is crucial to the widespread deployment of 5G – and the industry is doing all it can to ensure its success One of the major appeals of 5G is its potential to provide high-quality, high throughput connectivity – and to do so at scale. Yet the industry faces ...


5G mmWave Coverage Extension Solutions Whitepaper


Wednesday 21 Dec 2022 | 5G mmWave |

This is the fourth document in GSMA 5G mmWave Accelerator series. Download it to take a look at mmWave coverage solutions to improve the performance of 5G mmWave networks in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Whitepaper: 5G mmWave Deployment Best Practices


Thursday 17 Nov 2022 | 5G mmWave |

Download this GSMA white paper to discover best practices in order to optimise the performance of 5G millimetre wave (5G mmWave) mobile networks in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Fact Sheet: GSMA 5G mmWave


Friday 25 Feb 2022 | 5G mmWave |

The quickly growing number of 5G use cases demands a fully coordinated, multi-layer network where 5G mmWave spectrum provides the massive capacity and low latency needed for a full 5G experience.