Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub

Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub

360 Interactive Livestreaming


Bridge Alliance

Summit Tech

5G Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) Federation: 360 degree interactive livestreaming with remote audiences by Bridge Alliance, AIS, Singtel and Summit Tech

Field trial conducted with a 360 degree interactive live event streamed from Montreal with remote audiences participating on their 5G smartphones and VR devices in Singapore and Bangkok

  • Audiences viewed the performance through their smartphones and headsets on Summit Tech’s Odience immersive and interactive virtual reality (VR) 360 livestreaming platform, which leverages 5G and MEC to provide bandwidth-efficient streams to mobile devices and wearables.
  • The success of this edge-to-edge interconnection and interactive livestreaming use case has significant real-world applications and commercial impact for not only consumers, but also businesses involved in concerts, livestream shopping, sports and eSports. Venue owners, event organisers, ecommerce companies, and retail brands can benefit from the enhanced audience engagement and monetisation.

Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub (FEH) testbed is now ready and invites more partners for field trials

  • FEH serves as a truly global collaboration platform for cross market 5G, MEC and web 3.0 applications like the metaverse, by allowing Bridge Alliance member operators to interconnect with other mobile operators worldwide.
  • Application providers like Summit Tech can utilise the Bridge Alliance FEH simple discovery APIs from CAMARA, a joint initiative between GSMA and the Linux Foundation, to discover and order multi-market edge resources for field trials.

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