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Submit Your Projects!

The GSMA Foundry is looking for exciting new collaborative projects that will benefit from collective expertise to address industry-level challenges.

In 2023 the GSMA Foundry is focusing on projects in the areas of 5G, eSIM, IoT, Smart Mobility, Drones, FinTech, Manufacturing, Security, Identity, Data, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

We are looking for projects at all stages – from nurturing brand new ideas to initial commercial trials, through to scaling proven solutions at a regional and global level. Whichever point you are at in developing your project, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us at with an overview of your idea or existing project.

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Project Criteria

Member-driven: ideas should be backed by one or more GSMA Members interested in being part of the project

Clear purpose: ideas should be well-articulated in terms of the opportunity/value and what the project would seek to achieve ​

Project resources: projects will need commitment, in principle, to be partner resourced and funded to meet the project aims

Short term: projects should target completion in less than 12 months

Benefits of joining the GSMA Foundry

For mobile operators

  • Wide pool of expertise to address priority challenges
  • Rapid transformation of ideas into working concepts and go-to-market solutions

For innovators

  • Network of key contacts & influencers, including senior leaders and VCs
  • Collaboration with key Industry Partners and access to comprehensive industry expertise
  • New channels to a global market of 5 billion mobile consumer and enterprise customers

For industry partners

  • Collaboration with other world-class companies
  • Development of real-world solutions with clear routes to market

For investors

  • Access to mobile industry leadership
  • Channels to grow portfolio companies