Network Slicing Use Cases Requirements

Friday 10 Jan 2020 | 5G | Resources |

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5G networks, in combination with Network Slicing, permit business customers to enjoy connectivity and data processing tailored to their specific
business requirements. Mobile communications provided by smart networks will enhance the efficiency and productivity of business processes
and create more opportunities for operators to address Business to Business segments. When populated with values for all or a subset of the attributes, the generic slice descriptor can serve many purposes: • Infrastructure vendors can use the descriptor to define the service features of their slice

  • The slice buyer can use the descriptor as a reference for SLA/contractual agreements with the operator
  • Operators can exchange slice descriptors with their roaming partners facilitating the support of service continuity when moving
    between networks
  • The generic slice template will also serve as the baseline for defining a set of standardised service/slice types.

It is anticipated that through Network Slicing, mobile network operators will create a win-win situation where the network is used more efficiently and customers obtain the performance, functionality and operational control they require to serve their use cases. It is estimated that the use of 5G mobile technology in industry sectors that could not be addressed by 4G will be unlocked by 2025, with a targetable revenue opportunity in the region of $300bn globally.

The flexibility offered by Network Slicing is unprecedented: operators will be able to deploy a single network slice type that satisfies the needs of multiple verticals, where the business case allows a bespoke network slice for a single customer, as well as multiple network slices of different types that are packaged as a single product. Especially in the early phases of the deployment, it pays to carefully manage such flexibility and this can be done by globally adopting a basic set of standardised network slices that address the majority of the use cases. A common method of describing the attributes of a network slice should also be defined and the GSMA is proposing to adopt a set of “generic slice templates”.