Connected Vehicles


Connectivity will be at the heart of next generation vehicles. Whether it will be real-time traffic flow information, mapping, infotainment or remote access to emergency services, all these services will require connectivity.

Connected vehicle applications and services have distinctive features; they need to operate globally and usually have a very long ‘device’ lifetime, however can be integrated with local intelligent transport solutions and need to comply with local security and emergency regulations.

Connected vehicle and smart transport applications have the potential to bring substantial benefits to consumers, including making travel safer, reducing congestion, and providing real time information to passengers.

The GSMA is working with mobile operators and automotive OEMs to align the industry and wider ecosystem around a common approach to security and network connectivity to accelerate the growth of the Connected Vehicle market.

Governments can help encourage the development of the connected vehicle and intelligent transport ecosystems by:

  • Introducing incentives for innovation and investment
  • Leading with light-touch regulation that will allow the market to scale while building trust and confidence of consumers
  • Promoting research and development programmes for connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Supporting services, applications and network industry-led standards and interoperability

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Automotive telecoms dialogue for connected and automated driving

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An automotive- telecom industry working paper setting out the opportunity and the context of connected car Download

Connecting Vehicles Today and in the 5G Era with C-V2X

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“Backed by a strong and diverse ecosystem of suppliers, C-V2X is commercially available and poised for widespread deployment in both vehicles and roadside infrastructure. Extensive testing and trials have demonstrated that C-V2X is consistently more reliable than alternative ...

GSMA -5GAA-ETNO Letter to EU Transport and Communication Ministers

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A tech neutral framework is key for connected cars to develop in Europe.  

GSMA response to DG MOVE Public consultation on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

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In this response to DG MOVE consultation, the GSMA urges the European Commission to adopt a technology-neutral approach in developing the EU’s Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). This will make Europe’s roads safer and smarter. Download

Safer and Smarter Driving: the Rollout of Cellular V2X Services in Europe

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The GSMA calls upon European legislators to keep future decisions on the vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology neutral. Connected vehicles and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are nurtured in a fast-evolving technology environment. The mobile industry ...

GSMA eCall Response

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GSMA position on ecall numbering submitted during CEPT consultation. Download

Connected car emerging trends and market predictions

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A presentation (delivered at GSMA Connected Car Forum in January 2016) covering i) key analyst predictions on the connected car industry, ii) how the connected car will transform smart cities, iii) Automotive Cyber Security, iv) Autonomous Driving and v) CES developments in ...

MWC16 Ministerial Programme – Leadership workshop on the IoT – Jaguar Land Rover

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Presentation delivered by Dr. Mike Bell, Global Connected Car Director, Jaguar Land Rover, at the Ministerial Programme, Mobile World Congress 2016. Cross-sector collaboration between mobile and automotive sectors to build connected cars of the future. Download

GSMA position for periodic technical inspections

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The GSMA proposed approach to periodic technical inspections, recommended options include the reservation of fixed numbers for test calls or capturing all calls coming from the vehicle and routing to a dedicated device for testing. GSMA position for periodic technical ...

eCall: GSMA position for lifecycle management

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eCall users operate network resources – eCall devices lifetime may be up to 18 years there is a need to identify and end-of-life event/trigger to free up resources and identify which SIM are active and which are not. Proposed approaches are described within this ...