On-Demand Webinar: “5G, Network & IoT Cybersecurity” Webinar by AllThingsConnected

Friday 18 Sep 2020 | 5G | Resources |

The increased demand for connectivity and 5G network-enabled IoT solutions is causing technology providers, telcos, agencies to rush to be first to market, clamoring for dominance in a relatively new, untapped market. This wave of competition may push some orgnisations to sacrifice security testing for speed, allowing potential vulnerabilities to remain hidden in the entire value chain of 5G, network and IoT.

David Turkington, Head of Technology, APAC, GSMA shared hisinsights on the considerations, challenges & solutions of securing 5G and IoT value and scaling the revenue peak with actual use cases.

David Turkington

Head of Technology, APAC, GSMA

David Turkington is the Head of Technology for the GSMA Asia Pacific. David is responsible for driving the technology direction of the GSMA across the APAC region and working with its membership to execute key technology initiatives. Prior to joining the GSMA, Davis held senior positions in companies including Pixel Networks, Ericsson, SmarTone, Nokia and British Telecom.

This webinar was broadcast on 16 September 2020.