Workz becomes first certified full eSIM provider in MEA

Friday 11 Oct 2019 | Member Press Release |

IoT company one of only six in the world to carry GSMA accreditation across eSIM production and remote management

11 October 2019, Dublin/Dubai: Workz Group, the mobile and IoT solutions provider becomes the first in the Middle East and Africa to be certified by the GSMA for embedded SIM technology across its full lifecycle from chip production, secure data generation and personalisation, to remote management services. The company is one of only six in the world to carry such an accreditation. eSIM is a next-generation SIM technology and is seen as a key component in the Internet of Things (IoT) supporting the cost-efficient management, automation and remote communication of cellular-connected devices.

Workz, which has previously been certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for secure eSIM production, data generation and personalisation, has now received certification for its subscription management counterpart at its Dubai data centre. The GSMA scheme sets out a standard framework for eSIM management that aims to ensure a high level of security, compatibility and interoperability across the eSIM ecosystem. Reports indicate there will be 25 billion cellular-connected devices by 2025 yet a recent survey conducted by Microsoft (2019) cited security as the number one concern for 97% of businesses implementing IoT adoption. As a preventive measure to protect against data breach, the GSMA recommends that companies using eSIM technology work only with accredited providers.

Workz was recently recognised by a market report from Counterpoint as one of the world’s leaders in eSIM technology. Since first introducing its eSIM offering last September, the company has partnered with a host of mobile network operators, device manufacturers, and governments to launch projects across North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for the consumer device, automotive and energy sectors.

Tor Malmros, Managing Director of the Middle East & Africa, Workz Group said: “Security is the first and last question our clients ask. With our latest certification, we can guarantee a highly-secure and risk-free IoT solution across all aspects of eSIM connectivity. We have a proven track record in security and are very quickly establishing the same in eSIM technology. Our latest accreditation means we can now offer GCC and African clients a fully local solution as well as the peace of mind of geo-redundancy across certified Dubai and European locations.”

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Notes to editor

Personalisation refers to the upload of the SIM’s unique information to its smart chip.

Subscription management refers to the remote management (provisioning) of the device and selection of its connected network.

Learn more on how to ensure eSIM security here.


About Workz

Workz connects and protects mobile subscribers of today and tomorrow by providing secure removable or embedded SIMs and remote provisioning solutions for consumer, M2M and IoT devices.

Since its start in 1997, Workz has securely managed over 10 billion connections in more than 70 countries all without a single data breach. Workz is a global player in the IoT ecosystem driving the secure deployment of smart devices and IoT applications faster and easier than ever before.

The company delivers over 1.6 billion products each year across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Its GSMA SAS-certified facilities produce embedded and traditional SIM cards, scratch card manufacturing, packaging and logistics. Workz is the world’s largest recharge card manufacturer and a top 10 SIM card producer. The company, who has recently been recognized by market commentators as a leader in eSIM technology, is one of only six eSIM providers certified by the GSMA to manage the eSIM across its full lifecycle from production, data generation and personalisation, to subscription management.


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