The investment opportunity and challenges for future network infrastructure

The investment opportunity and challenges for future network infrastructure

Start: Wednesday 7 December 2022 16:00

End: Wednesday 7 December 2022 17:30

Venue: Online

Location: London

As networks scale, capacity & coverage requirements grow and enterprise & consumer demands escalate, where lies the investment opportunity for future network infrastructure? Do small cells provide the biggest opportunity, or does the focus remain on macro sites?

Whilst fibre will be the dominant technology for backhaul, to what extent will government subsidies be permitted to support connectivity in more remote areas and are other technologies being deployed in some cases in place of fibre. How will the increased energy demands of cell sites be managed in tandem with commitments to net-zero?

Following the recent Tower & Fibre roundtable in Las Vegas where US-centric challenges and opportunities were discussed in detail, what does Europe and the rest of the world share as regards the investment opportunity and/or challenges?

Join us as we hear from industry experts looking to explore this topic in more detail and present their views on the future European tower landscape.

Speakers include:

Warren Roll is a Managing Director, DigitalBridge Investment Management. Mr. Roll has more than 23 years of experience in global private equity, mergers and acquisitions, asset management and operations across a broad range of industry sectors.  Mr. Roll helps lead the fiber and small cell strategy at DigitalBridge and is responsible for the identification, evaluation, consummation, and management of new investments with a specific focus on fiber, indoor and outdoor small cell networks, tower infrastructure and related assets and business.


Henry Calvert joined the GSMA in December 2013, and is the GSMA’s Head of Network. He was previously part of the SingTel Group and has over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector, both in Networks and IT portfolios and has been involved in the deployment of mobile networks in over 10 operations across 10 different countries. Henry designed and built Optus’ 3G + LTE mobile network, all IP network and managed the product development transformation.  

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