A toolkit for researching women’s internet access and use

Wednesday 23 May 2018 | Case study | Connected Women | English | Global | Research | Resource |

A toolkit for researching women’s internet access and use image

While an increasing number of people are now using the internet, the lack of comparable and accurate gender disaggregated data obscures the true extent of the differences in access to, and use of the internet between men and women. This toolkit has been designed for stakeholders who are interested in integrating gender into their research projects in order to better understand this gender gap in internet access and use. It provides qualitative and quantitative example questions for a comprehensive range of relevant research topics that can be adapted depending on the country or context.  It also offers guidance on how to conduct research involving women as well as a diversity of resources useful for investigating internet access and use, designing a research project and analysing data.

This toolkit is the result of a collaboration between Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), the World Wide Web Foundation, the GSMA and Association for Progressive Communications.

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