The Impact of Mobile on People’s Happiness and Well-Being

Wednesday 14 Feb 2018 | Global | Mobile access and use | Report | Resource | Social impact and behavioural change |

The Impact of Mobile on People’s Happiness and Well-Being image

This report written in conjunction with Gallup, is part of the GSMA’s ongoing commitment to assessing the impact of the mobile industry on social and economic development for people around the world.

Based on data from 142 countries surveyed for the Gallup World Poll in 2016, the report provides a supporting assessment of the mobile industry’s impact, using a complementary approach to measuring life quality as reflected in two types of Subjective Well-Being (SWB) indicators:

1. people’s evaluations of their own lives (Evaluative Well-being), and

2. the balance of positive vs. negative emotions they experience, known as ‘affect balance’ (Experiential Well-being).

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