M4D Impact Service Evaluation: Human Network International 3-2-1

Thursday 11 Jun 2015 | Connected Women | English | Gender | Madagascar | Mobile access and use | Research | Resource | Sub-Saharan Africa |

M4D Impact Service Evaluation: Human Network International 3-2-1 image

This report is the result of an evaluation conducted by GSMA M4D Impact, of Connected Women grantee HNI’s 3-2-1 service in Madagascar that offers public service information via Airtel 3-2-1 on a range of topics including health, agriculture and gender in the local language via mobile phone. The report details relevant insights and recommendations to tackle a set of core questions, using analytical techniques applied to mobile usage data sets, and aggregating findings generated by the base of HNI’s over 3 million users of the 3-2-1 service.

The full service evaluation is available here to download, as well as a case study highlighting insights on the gender content. The case study is designed to showcase what is possible to achieve with existing service usage data and provide insight to actors in the M4D ecosystem about the possibility of ‘making more of their data’.

Download the case study

GDownload the full service evaluation

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